Yacht Z Marine

Soda Blasting

Benefits of Soda Blasting:

  • Environmentally safe alternative when compared to conventional paint removal methods
  • Completed training through Chesapeake Soda Clean INC
  • Superior containment and disposal service
  • Paint or failing epoxy barriers can be removed
  • Most cases completed in 1 day
  • Will not damage gel-coat surface
  • Professional results at a reasonable price
  • Package pricing on complete underside reconditioning
  • Fully Insured

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Environmentally Safe Alternative

Environmental concerns have always been the main focus of any type of paint removal, whether it involved monotonous sanding or the use of harsh chemical strippers, these techniques are detrimental to the environment and to those involved with the work.

Soda-blasting is a unique process that uses sodium bicarbonate, better known as baking soda to remove bottom paint safely and effectively. This green process has been proven throughout ship yards across the country as an environmentally sound approach eliminating water contamination and volatile airborne pollutants. Baking soda is a water soluble product that has a PH of 8.2, it has the same effect as salt on your driveway, meaning it will not harm surrounding water ways and can be used over grass surfaces with minimal damage.

Yacht Z Marine implements specific strategies to gauge the best containment process per varied situations by utilizing wet or dry removal systems. Paint debris is effectively removed without harm to the gel-coat surface or the environment, resulting in a cost effective process that yields fantastic results. Here at Yacht Z Marine we pride ourselves on green initiatives to help combat environmental deterioration and preserve our beautiful waterways for future generations.

Removal Process

Soda-blasting is exactly as it sounds, we used baking soda as the primary media for removal, similar in technique and theory to sand blasting, soda blasting is safe and effective on gel-coat, metal, aluminum and wood surfaces. Prior to removal Yacht Z Marine will analyze the surrounding landscape and existing paint surface and offer the best approach to safely remove a boats bottom paint.

We utilize both wet and dry techniques that consist of different containment strategies; both methods yield the same removal results. Soda-blasting can remove multiple layers of bottom paint, blisters and easily remove epoxy barrier coats, taking your boats bottom down to the original gel-coat; we have the capacity to just remove the paint and leave the barrier coat, or remove both. Conventional removal techniques that involve scraping and sanding can be detrimental to a boats hull and can result in gel-coat damage, reducing hull longevity.

Soda-blasting is unique in this regard by eliminating damage to the gel-coat surface, and provides superior hull protection throughout the removal process. After the blasting process paint debris will be collected and disposed of per EPA requirements offering an environmentally conscious approach and unparalleled bottom preparation.

After the blasting process and clean-up has been conducted, we simply wash the underside of the boat and surrounding surfaces to ensure a dustless system for your boat, the marina and your neighbors boat leaving an underside that’s ready for a scuff sand and paint. The nastiest job in owning a boat is underside maintenance, let Yacht Z Marine handle this burdensome job in a safe, cost effective manner that utilizes a time tested process and helps reduce our environmental footprint.

Soda Blasting is effective for:

  • paint removal
  • automotive, marine & aerospace
  • degreasing
  • abrasive cleaning
  • mold, smoke & fire clean up
  • deodorizing
  • coating removal
  • furniture stripping
  • industrial equipment cleansing
  • building restoration-interior & exterior
  • commercial equipment cleaning
  • graffiti removal