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Bottom Reconditioning

Reconditioning of the bottom of a boatIf your boat requires seasonal maintenance or is in need of complete hull reconditioning, the professionals at Yacht Z Marine can handle all of your boating needs.

We offer a full line of Marine product including Sea Hawk Paint, Interlux, Pettit, and E-Paint that can be customized to your particular requirements, including epoxy barrier coat systems, blister repair and paint applications. Our ability to offer soda-blasting gives us the means necessary to build a customized package for you at a reasonable price, resulting in superior application and protection.

Hull deterioration is cause for concern, from minor repairs to major repairs, a pro-active approach is key to protecting your investment. Compared to past product lines paint manufacturers throughout the years have developed a time tested system that is safer on the environment and provides superior protection against osmosis and water absorption. When conducted properly paint systems have the capability to last for years with little or no maintenance, giving you and your boat an added level of insurance for years to come.

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Yacht Z Marine are certified applicators through Sea Hawk Paints. All paint and epoxy application with Sea Hawk Paints will result in a one year manufactures warranty.

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